North American Steel

North American Steel

North American Steel Quote RequestNorth American Steel / Storage Equipment has been manufacturing steel storage warehouse pallet racking and heavy duty shelving systems in Canada for over 60 years, and through continuous expansion is now operating 4 manufacturing plants across Canada. With offices throughout Canada - in Toronto, Whitby (manufacturing Roll Formed rack, Ez-Rect Shelving, Hybrid Rack and Shelving), Alberta (Structural and Roll Formed and Easyup 7000 shelving),  they are the largest and most innovative producer of warehouse racking in the country.

Warehouse Pallet Rack and Industrial, heavy duty Shelving systems can maximize space usage for any storage and distribution facility, while increasing output and efficiency.  They are the expert in warehouse material handling rack systems for all industries.  They can design your distribution centre, manufacturing facility, retail logistics warehouse, document  and government storage facility, grocery freezer storage or 3PL logistics centre. 

Their Roll Formed, Structural and Hybrid warehouse pallet racking systems include:  Selective racking, Drive-In or Drive-Thru racking, Ez-Rect Shelving, Heavy Duty Shelving, Push Back, Pallet Flow and Carton Flow systems, several types of Cantilever racking (including Cant Bolted, Cant Bar, Cant Deck, and recessed cant leg), Mezzainine and Catwalk systems, in addition to industrial and light, medium and heavy duty warehouse and office storage shelving.



MetalwareMetalware comes with No-Bolt Interlok Shelving System. Metalware’s Interlok No-Bolt design is based on three guiding principles:

  1. Strength: The ultimate in strength and rigidity has been obtained by the wedge-type combination of shelf and brackets.
  2. Economy: Assembly cost is a vital factor. Interlok No-Bolt eliminates obsolete methods of assembly. The amount of nuts, bolts and tools have been reduced from the equation, saving up to 80% of assembly time.
  3. Efficiency: Shelves can easily be rearranged without dismantling. Interlok No-Bolt is assembled in an upright position. There is no additional floor space needed for the process of assembly.

AGF Brome


agfbrome-11AGF Brome manufactures a complete line of industrial furnishing: Modular & Storage Cabinets, Mobile Toolboxes, Workbenches and much more.

AGF Brome also manufactures safe and reliable warehouse and handling Equipment such as mobile ladders, dumping hoppers and platform trucks.

Products manufactured by AGF Brome are safe and meet international safety standards and engineer certifications to support. Moreover, their baked powder coated paint finish offers strength and durability while being environmentally friendly. This range of products called "industrial" provides years of hard use with minimal maintenance.

AGF Brome also provides customized storage solutions.



damoproWouldn't it be great if you could stop replacing the racking in your warehouse once and for all? That day is here.

Damotech is the first and largest rack repair solutions specialist in North America. With its lines of rack repair and prevention products, Damotech strives to put an end to the endless cycle of upright replacement by focusing on warehouse safety and the permanent elimination of recurring expenses. Through the judicious use of engineered solutions, their team will guide you towards creating a safer working environment for you and your employees, saving you money in the process.

Damotech's permanent rack repair solutions are designed to fit any type of rack, respect the original configuration of your uprights as well bring back the original loading capacity of your racking system. Our products are custom made to match your specific needs. Damotech's rack repair kits are bolted on so no "hot permit" for welding is required, allowing the installations of the units in any environment, including freezers.



camrack-productsFor more than 17 years, CAMRACK creates and manufactures storage systems & pallet racking solutions. Performance, durability and innovation are qualities at the core of solutions to our customers.

Our engineering services take into consideration all criteria that ensure effective and efficient logistics. Our teams implement solutions that respect the latest standards and certifications within your industry (CSA, CSST). We have the judgment and deep understanding of our clients' various challenges in terms of management, storage and shipping. Regardless of the configuration of your warehouse surface, our conception design services insure that we propose an adapted solution to your organizational needs. CAMRACK‘s reputation is built around our capacity to clearly understand the organizational contexts and to suggest ingenious solutions that makes it easier for commercial and industrial warehouse managers.

In order to achieve effective management of your inventory and optimum use of your space, our manufacturing and installation services have the knowledge and the know-how to implement a flawless execution. Your enterprise will rely on a durable solution that meets the latest standards for your warehouse storage systems: pallet racking, mezzanine, cantilever systems, industrial shelving, etc.